Massage Therapy: A Drug-Free Way to Ease Pain During Pregnancy
Posted on 30th November 2017

A couple getting a massageMassage therapy is one of the world’s oldest forms of pain relief. The healing power of touch has been used for centuries and since it’s drug-free, it’s a good option for pregnant women.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes a major change. Some of the symptoms she may experience include backaches, joint pains, and swollen feet and ankles. In the latter stages, she might find it difficult to sleep because it can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. She could also be prone to headaches, particularly if she had them before pregnancy.

Taking pharmaceutical painkillers is usually not advised during pregnancy, so therapeutic massage provides a safe, alternative way to ease the pain.

How Does Massage Work?

Massage works in several ways to relieve pain. First, massage improves blood circulation and eases muscle tension. It also has a positive impact on hormones, reducing stress hormones and increasing a woman’s sense of well-being. Improving circulation can combat swelling and fewer stress hormones make for an easier birth.

Getting a Massage

Massage therapy (usually from spas in Jericho, NY) and other similar services last around one hour. Therapists who specialize in pregnancy may have a massage table that accommodates a woman’s “bump,” or in some cases, they use pillows so their pregnant customer can lie comfortably on her side.

Deep tissue massage concentrating on the muscles is then done to ease discomfort. Techniques can differ depending on the type of massage used. Some types focus on the joints and others apply pressure to the energy points used in acupuncture.

Aromatherapy oils are sometimes used, but only specific ones that are safe during pregnancy. Oils are usually avoided during the first trimester.

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Therapeutic massage provides stress and pain relief during the stages of pregnancy. The drug-free method improves blood flow, relaxes tight muscles and stimulates feel-good hormones to help pregnant women feel great and produce healthy babies.