How to Determine the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone
Posted on 28th March 2018

a blonde girl at the salonChoosing the next color of your hair is not an easy task. There are several factors to consider when choosing what kind of shade will look best on your skin complexion. Together with the tone of your skin, it’s evenly crucial to understand your skin complexion’s undertone.

So, before you consider looking for a few beauty treatment services in your area from places like Marilyn Monroe Spas, here are a few factors to consider in choosing the best hair color based on your skin’s undertone.

Determining your skin’s undertone

  • Deep – the veins on your wrists usually have a purple tint to it. Your skin also looks healthy in brightly hued pieces of clothing. One of the celebrities who have deep skin undertones is Kerry Washington.
  • Warm – people who have a warm undertone usually have a greenish tint on their veins. They also usually have green, amber, hazel, or a warm brown pair of eyes. Jennifer Lopez is one of the celebrities who have a warm undertone.
  • Cool – People like Amy Adams is just one of the celebrities with a cool undertone. They often have greenish-blue with gray flecks or blue pair of eyes. Their veins usually have a rather blue tint to it.

Now that you’re well-versed in a person’s skin tone, it’s time to get to know various hair colors.

  • Ashe blonde – Ash blonde usually looks better on people who have cool skin with a bit of reddish undertone. This hair color includes various shades such as ice, platinum, champagne, and silver.
  • Cool brown – if you have a yellow undertone, then cool brown shades such as chestnut and dark chocolate will great on you. It’ll also brighten up your complexion at the same time.
  • Warm red – warm red is best for people with bluish or neutral undertones in fair skin. You may choose from amber, rust shades, or strawberry blonde.
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Always consider your skin’s tone and undertone to choose the best hair color for you. But at the end of the day, everything will all depend on you and how you like to express yourself.