Privacy Policy cares for your privacy

More than a source of the latest news and information about health and fitness, is also a community of readers. We want to know the community’s thoughts, opinions, and suggestions to improve our services and readership. We may ask for your personal information for the said purposes. By participating in website activities, you agree to our terms and conditions regarding the collection and use of your personal information.

Collecting Information

As an online magazine and community, we may ask for your personal information, such as name, age, address, number, and email address, for subscriptions and discussion participations. We may also acquire your location and computer’s IP address to adjust our website settings based on your country.

Use of Information

The personal information we gather through our website is for your newsletter subscription and your identification in the online community. We may also use this information to improve our services based on your specified preferences, location, and other data given.

Updating Your Information

You may modify your personal information through our Contact Us page. You may choose to change your contact details or to opt out of our newsletter through our technical team.

Change of Policy

We may adjust the rules and regulations stated on this page to conform to the changes in the business policy and other community issues. We may not announce amendments unless deemed necessary. You may wish to check our website regularly for changes and updates on this policy.

Protection of Data

Our website respects our readers’ privacy rights while maximizing their online experience. We create a strong and safe system to protect the information entrusted to us. We make sure these data are not accessible for fraudulent and unlawful purposes.