The Perfect Towel Guide: A Must-Read for Housekeepers
Posted on 11th June 2015

TowelsFor most people, having the perfect towel is a necessity. After all, what better feeling is there than stepping out of your bath or shower and have a fluffy towel waiting? While you might say that such thing only happens whenever you’re at a hotel, there are actually some easy ways you can do to make sure you can have this kind of experience every time. shares some of them below:

When Buying Towels

Choose your fabric well. The type of fiber used is perhaps the biggest factor in a towel’s durability and texture. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy, choose a fabric that has longer and more fibrous threads. Cotton, Egyptian cotton, and microfiber are your best bets. In particular, microfiber towels are the fluffiest out of the three, and at the same time, is the most absorbent.

Check the fabric weight. Often measured in GSM or grams per square meter, towels are typically between 300 to 900 GSM. A lower GSM means that it will be lighter and quicker to dry—perfect for things like dish or kitchen towels. For bath use or beach towels, you might want something heavier and more absorbent. As such, look for mid-range weight such as 400 to 600 GSM. Want something more luxurious? A 600 to 900 GSM towel would be perfect for you. Do take note that heavier towels will need longer drying time.

Maintaining Your Towels

Always check the attached care instructions in your towels. Take note if it needs to be washed in warm or cold water. Before washing, you may also want to check if it bleeds or not.

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Skip the softener. While softeners do make your towels seem extra fluffy, it actually has a huge drawback. Softeners also cause the fabric to become less absorbent, which is something you definitely want to avoid. Instead, try washing your towels in the warmest water that its fabric type can tolerate.