Oral Health and How It Affects One’s Overall Well-being
Posted on 10th April 2018

a woman's teeth being checkedEveryone knows that oral health care is important. But did you know that taking care of your mouth can benefit other aspects of your health? Should you plan to visit a dentist, feel free to ask about it.

You can easily find a reputable dental clinic in Somerville, MA, and other nearby areas. Here’s how your oral health affects the other parts of your body:


Studies suggest that inflammation of the gums may increase one’s risk of stroke and heart disease. This is because gum disease may increase the body’s inflammation level, which is a major risk for cardiovascular disease. That is why dentists ask their patients about their heart health, as well as family history of heart illnesses, and why cardiologists examine their patients’ oral health, too.


Periodontal disease patients have a huge number of bacteria in their mouths; hence, the higher chance of inhaling more germs. These germs could lead to lung infections and illnesses like pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and many more.


Studies revealed that adults suffering from gingivitis have worse cases of dementia. They also perform worse on memory and cognitive skills tests.


Most cases of bruxism are mild. But should you suffer from severe bruxism, your teeth grinding can harm your temporomandibular joints or the joints in your lower jaw. Moreover, this may lead to headaches and earaches.

Are you surprised to find out that your mouth problems could lead to serious health conditions? Well, these are just some of the numerous body parts affected by your oral health. If you want to maintain a good overall health, be sure to take care of your entire body. Never neglect any aspect of your well-being.

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