Never Ever Ignore These 4 Dental Emergencies
Posted on 20th March 2018

Smiling woman in dentist's chairDental emergencies can cause extreme discomfort and may even result in further complications if not attended quickly. This only makes it important to visit your dentist as soon as possible to treat whatever it is that is bothering you.

While not all mouth issues are considered serious, here are some dental emergencies you should never ever ignore:

Severe tooth pain

A tooth pain that is severe, constant, and doesn’t go away needs an evaluation by your dentist. This is because it can be due to an infection, abscess, or any other dental issue. Emergency dentists in Tauranga note that waiting too long to get the pain checked can cause more discomfort or even serious dental complications.

Broken or cracked tooth

A tooth can break or crack due to a number of causes, such as trauma, severe decay, or biting down something too hard. Bruxism or grinding your teeth at night can also lead to cracks and fractures. There are instances where a cracked or broken tooth may extend to the roots of the tooth. Seeing an emergency dentist can help alleviate the pain and prevent further damage.

Knocked out tooth

If a permanent tooth gets knocked out, you can still save it. Be sure to see the dentist as quickly as possible (within an hour) to re-implant the tooth. Handle the tooth carefully by keeping it in a container with milk or water. Keep it moist and don’t ever wipe it with cloth or any other type of fabric.

Lost filling or crown

This can be painful, as it exposes the sensitive part of the tooth to air or temperature. If you lose a crown, see the dentist as quickly as possible and put the crown in a safe place. Waiting too long is not advisable, as it what remains of the tooth may be as strong as the crown. This may also cause the other teeth to shift and the crown may no longer fit.

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These are some of the dental emergencies that need immediate attention. If you experience a dental issue that is not mentioned above but you believe that it requires emergency care, call a dentist immediately.