Have a Safe Move: Stay Injury-Free Throughout the Process
Posted on 5th May 2015
Proper Lifting

Moving is an experience you can describe in many different ways—difficult, expensive, and sometimes even chaotic. It will require lifting, bending, and squatting, so painful and tiring are two other ways you can describe it. There is a heightened risk for injury if you are not careful with your movements.

The use of proper body mechanics and preparation are necessary for a safe moving process. Removal experts from AAABargainRemovals.com.au share a few tips to avoid injuries during the move:

Get Help

There are plenty of household items that you shouldn’t attempt to lift or move on your own. These include large furniture, heavy appliances, tall bookcases, and others. It is important to know your limits when lifting heavy possessions. If the item feels too heavy for you, get help from a family member or a professional.

Practice Proper Lifting

Back injuries are most likely to happen when carrying boxes and heavy items. Make sure to practice proper lifting techniques such as placing weight evenly on both feet and using strong leg muscles to lift the object. It is also advisable to keep the item you’re lifting close to the body and avoid lifting things over your head.

Stay Hydrated

It is normal to feel tired after packing, unloading, and lifting items. Stay hydrated through it all by carrying a water bottle with you throughout the move. It is also important to take breaks every now and then to avoid exhaustion. Make sure to ask for assistance if you are having difficulties with any lifting or getting things where they should be.

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Prepare a First-Aid Kit

Always have a first-aid kit ready to treat minor injuries. A properly equipped kit should include adhesive bandages, alcohol swabs, hand towels, wound dressing, antiseptics, antibiotic creams, and gloves. You can purchase one from a pharmacy or make your own.

While you can save a few dollars by lifting and moving boxes alone, you run the risk of suffering injuries.

This is especially true if you’re not careful and do not know what you’re doing. It is still best to ask for assistance and consider professional help to ensure safety.