4 Causes of Asthma
Posted on 12th April 2018

Kid with asthma in a clinicAsthma attacks differ in nature of symptoms, from wheezing to intense coughing, and level of severity, from mild to acute. However, the triggers that cause these attacks are usually the same. Knowing these common triggers will allow you to design the best precautionary measures that could help you avoid the onset of asthma attacks.


Allergic asthma is the most prevalent kind of asthma. It is triggered by exposure to allergens such as mold, pollen, and dust mites, among others. An OTC asthma inhaler is usually prescribed by physicians to relieve symptoms in people suffering from this type of asthma attack.

Colds or flu

People living with asthma are most prone to severe attacks when experiencing a cold or the flu. Since cold or flu-triggered asthma symptoms do not respond well to regular medications, physicians recommend annual flu vaccination to deter the onset of these infections and consequently, the onset of asthma attacks.

Air pollution

Both indoor and outdoor air qualities play a vital role in ensuring that people with asthma are spared from severe attacks. In this regard, only the former is directly manageable through consistent indoor air quality tests and the use of a humidifier, if necessary. As for the latter, an asthma patient can at least limit their exposure to extremely smoggy days outdoors.

Intense exercise

Your airways constrict during intense physical activities. This constriction is what triggers asthma, not exercising per se. Nonetheless, it is best that you only commit to physical activities that do not overexert your lungs and bronchial tubes.

Whenever you experience asthma attacks, be mindful of your current situation and environment. It is through careful assessment of these that you will find the answer as to what triggers your condition. Once you know what causes your attacks, next time you will be more wary of exposing yourself to these triggers.

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