How Installing Window Blinds Can Save You From Cancer
Posted on 26th March 2015

BlindsMost households in Perth, WA install window blinds for their aesthetic sense and the privacy that they provide. But have you ever installed blinds in your home with the thought of protecting your health?

How can a window product help you guard your health? It’s simple. It blocks off the harmful UV rays seeping through your window that could cause cancer.

Why be Afraid of the Sun?

You do not have to be afraid of the sun because you get to enjoy vitamin D, but only at the right time. The sun’s rays become especially dangerous during its highest peak from 11am to 3pm. And this can cause skin cancer.

When you have a habit of sun-bathing through their windows, would you mind taking an extra measure of precaution? You can still feel the goodness of the sun; just do not let it hit you directly. One way to do that is to install blinds; in Perth, WA, blinds are almost a necessity due to its reputation as the sunniest city in Australia.

How Window Blinds Protect You?

The amount of sunlight that enters through your window can be regulated with a window blind. You have the option to open it all the way up, or close it all the way down. Much better, you can open it where there’s room enough for sunlight to pass through. That way, you’re guarding yourself from too much UV exposure.

Window blinds do not only protect you from skin cancer but they can also protect you from other forms of skin damage as well such as wrinkles, freckles, skin discolouration and sagging of the skin. These other forms of skin damage definitely make you look old.

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You think that window blinds are just accessories of your home, but they can provide more benefits than what you were led to believe.