A Brief Look at Toyota’s 4X4 History
Posted on 20th March 2015

Toyota 4x4In the world of 4×4 vehicles, Toyota is slowly becoming the preference of a growing number of consumers. That’s not to say the carmaker was behind the 4WD department. In fact, it might surprise you that even though their 4x4s are not always the consumers’ choice, it has fared superbly in the past.

Here is a brief look into the curious history of this company’s 4WD history.

When in America

Before 1979, there were no Toyota trucks in sight in the US. If you wanted one, you’re going to have to build it yourself. Then 1980 came and the 4Runners were introduced to the American market. Nevertheless, in a place where there were established truck manufacturers, Toyota’s creation looked out of place.

Nevertheless, it was only the start and it only got better for them in the succeeding years. Today, their line of 4X4 consists of the Prado, FJ Cruiser, Fortuner and Sequioa. When they combined 4WD ruggedness with their signature sensibility, the result was the excellent Tercel. In the end, it was more of a wagon than a truck with an unusually high roof.

Across the Atlantic

In Britain and Europe as a whole, people looked up to other brands. After all, some vehicles were the ones the victorious British used during the war. That was the situation until the FJ40 arrived. The father of Toyota’s Land Cruiser line, it won every head-to-head battle with the Defender. It was harder to kill, low maintenance and drove smoother.

Established dealerships like South Dade Toyota may note that Europe welcomed Toyota in 1963. With its famously narrow streets, the cars of Toyota did very good. Although, they knew they had to enter the hatchback market to succeed there. In 2001, the Yaris arrived.

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Asia is Toyota’s territory, and there is where they sell most cars. Moreover, their other cars sell so much anyway and their standing in the motoring world is undisputed. Their 4×4 history, however, is a curious tale to behold.