3 Therapy Options for Grief Management
Posted on 7th February 2018

Woman in griefLosing a loved one is one of the most emotionally draining things you have to go through. Grieving is a natural process triggered by bereavement. Though it’s a necessary process, it can lead to an unhealthy emotional and mental state.

There are various therapies used by grief and bereavement services in Indiana to help individuals cope with their loss. Each treatment plan is personalized since grief is a personal reaction. Here are some of the options available for grief management:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT consists of therapy processes based on an idea that an individual’s behavior is influenced by their thoughts. The overall goal of CBT is to change an individual’s thoughts to help them cope with grief. This doesn’t force individuals on what to feel. It instead helps them learn how to respond to external stimuli to get their desired emotional and behavioral results.


This often involves a one-on-one with a counselor. The treatment aims to help patients discuss their psychological and personal issues, which may not be directly linked to the bereavement. This helps patients understand their feelings and better cope with them. The therapy may be offered online, via phone, or in a face-to-face session.


This involves talking to a psychotherapist or a qualified mental health specialist — either personally or in groups. The therapist helps discuss your feelings and teaches you strategies to cope with your bereavement. Support groups have a social element. If you wish to meet other people going through the same situation as yours, this might be the ideal setting.

These are only some of the services offered in a therapy. If you or your loved one still can’t over their loss, you might want to suggest any of the above-mentioned to them.

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