3 Kinds of Chefs and Their Responsibilities
Posted on 12th August 2015

chefA chef’s insights and contributions can make or break a restaurant. Apart from the ambiance, good service and good staff, you can’t deny that people come back to because of the good food.

Guests always pay for the quality and taste, and for some, the price doesn’t even matter.

What do chefs do?

Chefs work hand in hand in the kitchen. They are responsible for everything coming out of the kitchen. This includes sauce, appetizers, beverages, side and main dishes.

Different people are assigned to different stations with a specific job.

Prep chefs prepare ingredients for other chefs to use. They chop vegetables and meat, and measure all the ingredients used in cooking.

Line chefs are responsible primarily in cooking food. They also have a head chef who monitors everybody. Line chefs are not only responsible for cleaning their own stations, but also for the entire kitchen.

Head chefs should not only focus on cooking and monitoring, but also on overseeing what everyone else is doing. Simply, they are like the manager in the kitchen.

Why do they wear white?

As part of the requirement, a professional chef should worry about their appearance. Not to please the customers, but to follow proper hygiene.

Most of them wear a white chef jacket for protection, to avoid unnecessary accidents like being burnt from scalding liquids, grills and pots.

They wear a white hat symbolising professionalism. It also serves as proof that they have undergone formal training before becoming a chef. They also wear aprons to avoid stain and protect the lower part of the body.

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Traditional cook’s pants have blue or black and white check patterns. In general, they use white to show cleanliness and professionalism. Being a chef is not an easy task, but hard work always pays off.

Most successful chefs are well paid by their companies, and some are very famous around the world.